1. Where is Puerto Galera located?

– Puerto Galera is located on the north shore of Mindoro Island, 130 kilometers south of Manila and 14 nautical miles away from Batangas City. You can reach Puerto Galera by land transport to Batangas pier and then by sea ferry to Puerto Galera.

2. What is the travel time from Manila to Puerto Galera?

– Land transport to Batangas pier takes 2 to 3 hours depending on the traffic. The fastest route from Manila to Batangas is by SKYWAY, South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) then CALABARZON highway which now traverses all the way to Batangas pier. The ferry boat ride takes 1 hour up to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

3. How much does public transportation cost per person?

– The one-way aircon bus ticket from Manila to Batangas pier costs around 200 pesos. The Ferry ticket to Puerto Galera is around 250 pesos. You also need to pay the Environmental User Fee (50 pesos) and the Terminal Fee (30 pesos) at the Batangas port passenger terminal.

4. What time does the ferry leave for Puerto Galera?

– The first ferry trip to Puerto Galera departs at around 7:30 AM. Thereafter, a ferry leaves every 1 hour until 5:00 PM which is normally the last trip to Puerto Galera.

5. Where should I stay, Sabang or White Beach?

– Sabang and White Beach are the two most popular tourist centers in Puerto Galera. Most of the foreign tourists prefer to stay in Sabang while most of the local (Filipino) tourists go to White Beach.

Sabang boasts of many high-class resorts that offer the best dive education in the country and dive sites are literally a stone’s throw away. Sabang also has a distinct nightlife reminiscent of the old Ermita, former red light district of Metro Manila.

Sabang, they say, is for divers, for the young and adventurous; while White Beach is for families, for the tourist who is content with the sun, sea and sand, for friends who want to escape Manila, recharge their batteries while relaxing in nearby Puerto Galera.

6. Is there an ATM in Puerto Galera?

Yes. There are, at present, 3 ATMs in Puerto Galera; 2 are located in Poblacion and 1 in Sabang. All accept the 3 major ATM networks as well as foreign cards.

If you’re in White Beach, ride a tricycle to Poblacion and tell the driver you are going to Allied Bank- the special trip costs 100 pesos.

7. Do resorts accept credit card?

– Yes, most of the resorts accept all types of credit card. However, there are small resorts and home-stay accommodations that do not accept credit/debit cards. In case you only have credit/debit cards, Puerto Galera Online Services can facilitate your transaction by using Globe Charge (a mobile credit/debit card facility) and pay your obligations to your service provider in cash for a minimal Service Charge. For quick information, please call +63-917-8181418.

8. I might not reach Batangas Pier by 5 pm. How else can I go to Puerto Galera?

– If you are unable to arrive on time for the last outrigger ferry to depart from PG from Batangas, then you have 3 options.

  • If you arrive before 7:00 pm, then you can take the RORO (Car) ferry that departs for PG at around 7:00 pm. This ferry docks at Balatero Pier, Puerto Galera where there are tricycles that you can hire to bring you to your resort.
  • Another option is by taking a private boat. For more info, please go to https://www.puertogalera.org/getting-here/private-transfer/
  • The last option is by taking a ferry to Calapan Pier then hiring a private van to bring you from Calapan to your Puerto Galera Resort.

9. What is the name of the cheapest resort?

– There are many affordable accommodations in Puerto Galera especially during the OFF season (June to October). Most of these accommodations do not have a website or web presence.  But you can still inquire and reserve a room by emailing puertogaleraoffice@gmail.com. How much per night? Some offer hostel-type accommodation for 200 to 300 pesos per night per person. During the HIGH season, several private residences offer rooms for rent usually lower than what a resort may offer. To answer your question, the accommodation that offer the cheapest rate that we know of is Cecille’s Inn in Poblacion  – offering AC room for 600 pesos per night and fan room for 300 pesos per night (good for 2 persons).

10. What is your most expensive resort?

– Puerto Galera has many luxurious resorts. Usually a Department of Tourism categorized Class AA and Class AAA resort is highly priced amounting from 5000 to 15000 pesos per night, good for 2 persons. The most luxurious resort in Puerto Galera is Infinity Resort located in Talipanan Beach.

11. What are the activities that you offer?

– Puerto Galera Online Services has 101 fun-filled activities to offer for all ages. Our BESTSELLERS can be browsed by clicking this link https://www.puertogalera.org/activities/.
Please see sample of the tours offered by Puerto Galera Online Services.


12. Are there restaurants in Puerto Galera?

– Yes, there are many restaurants in  Puerto Galera. Almost all big and medium-sized resorts have their own restaurants and eateries. There are also numerous specialty restaurants scattered along major tourist attractions in Puerto Galera, like White Beach and Sabang Beach.