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Puerto Galera has both Filipino-style accommodations and luxurious European-standard hotels and resorts catering to both budget and upscale tourists.

There are more than 130 resort establishments in Puerto Galera and most are situated in the village of Sabang and in White Beach, village of San Isidro.

Sabang is a favorite destination for foreign travelers while White Beach is the choice of Filipino tourists.

Featured Establishments

@ White Beach, Puerto Galera:

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White Beach Lodge VM Beach Resort La Solana Suites Francesca Resort
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Blue Water Lodge Villa Del Car Agbing Resort Marco Vincent
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White Beach Resort Sea Jewel Resort Lan-Sei Resort Dreamwave Hotel

@ Sabang, La Laguna Beach and Coco Beach

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Coco Beach Resort Tropicana Castle Mermaid Hotel Garden of Eden
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Seashore Lodge Sabang Hill Capt'n Gregg's Resort Angelyn's Resort
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Steps & Garden El Galleon Jeremy's Lodge La Laguna Villas
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La Laguna Beach Club Big Lalaguna Resort Scandinavian Resort Campbell Resort

@ Other Locations in Puerto Galera

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Sunset at Aninuan Puerto Galera Hostel Puerto Nirvana Resort Punta Del Este